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B i o g r a p h y

Eugene Ali Perret

b. New York (1958)


1983 – 1980: Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.

Graduated from Jazz Composition and Arranging Department. Studied composition with Herb Pomeroy, and Ted Pease, arranging with Greg Hopkins, analysis with Michael Gibbs and piano with Ray Santisi.

1980 – 1970: Istanbul State Conservatory.
Studied composition with Prof. dr. Ilhan Usmanbas,Harmony with Prof.Dr.Ahmet Yurur and piano with Selman Ada.


2003 – 2001: Istanbul Bilgi University: Head of the Music department,

Started MA in Music & Critical studies
Independent Jazz record label.
Teaching courses such as; Composition, Jazz Arranging, Jazz Piano, Big-band History, Modal Harmony, Advance Harmony, Ensemble.

2001 – 1999: Istanbul Bilgi University: Vice Chairman of the Music Department,

Established a professional Big-band. Member of the curriculum committee. In charge of the composition pathway.

1999 – 1997: Istanbul Bilgi University: Founder of the Music department,

Member of the Music Departments Executive Board.
Member of the Curriculum Committee.
Teaching courses such as; 20th century harmony and theory I, II, III, IV, Jazz piano, ensemble, and arranging.

2001 – 1985:

Teaching Jazz piano, Composition and Jazz arranging, 20th century harmony and theory at a private music school, Contemporary Music Center, Istanbul.
Most of the students became professional musicians and one of the Composition students has received an award from ASCAP – 2002, N.Y. City.

PERFORMANCES: 2021– 1985:

International Jazz festivals in Europe, all international Jazz festivals in Turkey, Australia, Ukraine.Club dates in U.S., Turkey, Ukraine, Europe.
Radio and TV appearances in Europe, Turkey and Australia.
Played with many musicians such as, Craig Harris, Ricky Ford, L. Butch Morris, Ira Coleman, Thurman Barker, Hans Ulrick Jensen, Carla Cook, Anders Bercranz, Francis Bourec, Erkan Ogur, Arto Tuncboyacian etc.

1985 – 1972:

Started to play professionally at the age of fourteen at the Cabaret theaters, Jazz concerts in Turkey till 1980.


2021 - 2015:

Faschismus/Free house album 05.2021

30.International Akbank Jazz festival album;Dun,Bugun,Yarin "Uptown" 


XJazz festival 11.04.2018 Ankara/12.04 Istanbul

 TRT Bigband plays Ali Perret 28.03.2018 Istanbul Radio

Perret/Demirkol/Kucukyildirim  "Free house" album recording

SALT Galata performance, Perret/Demirkol/Kucukyildirim

Music for short movie (20 min.) “remnants of the highlands” March 2017

Ali Perret’s DU.DU album recording “On The Move” May 2016,
26th Akbank Jazz Festival/Babylon-Istanbul 18.10.2016
20th Ankara Jazz Festival Ali Perret Quartet 9.5.2016

Ukranian Jazz Bez Festival Lviv,Lusk,Kharkiv 3-12/9-12-2015 Producer,Arranger,pianist for Evrim Ozsuca’s debut album, recorded June 2015


Barbarians, “world barbaric history” 20th Akbank Jazz Festival, Babylon/Istanbul 27.10.2010

2009 - 2006:

Berlin - Istanbul “Amongs neighbors” Schalterego plays Kaka;phonia (Kaka;phonia; the harmony of the chaotic, untuned and "other" frequencies.) contemporary electronic music 23.4.09 Ballhausnaunyst. Kruezberg – Berlin, 2.6.09 Roxy Istanbul 

salter ego - freebass - clubbing music 2009
H-factor –contemporary electronic jazz music 2008 Contemporary jazz compositions for 9 piece band 2006 New soul compositions for a singers album 2008
Ali Perret's nonetonal quartet 2006


15th International Akbank Jazz Festival, free-key trio with Ira Coleman bass and Thurman Barker drums
Bi-Polar string quartet
Free Key Trio NY with Ira Coleman – double bass and Thurman Barker-Drums

2004 – 2002:

2004. zero generation, 30 min. contemporary dance music (electronic version is recorded) A-tonal standards for trio and vocal, 2004.
Commissioned by EBU (European Broadcasting Union) to write a Big – band composition, Screaming for Peace, which was performed and broadcasted live in Europe in May 2003.

The Island between Europe and Asia; Maiden Tower, 2003.
12th International Akbank Istanbul Jazz Festival, Jazzistance, electronic Jazz accompanied by two DJs, 2002.

2002 – 2000:

The Barbarians; The World History of Barbarism, VII episodes, 2002.
Formed a professional Big-band collaborative with Ricky Ford, Istanbul Jazz Collective, to perform modern compositions, 2001.
10th International Akbank Jazz festival, Mingus Trippin, 2000. Arranged Charles Mingus’s music in a new concept, keeping the Mingus flavor.

2000 – 1985:

Free ‘key trio was formed to play trio compositions in 1998.
Legendary electronic, new funk, progressive Jazz band Acid-trippin was formed in 1995 and the band`s debut album, Midnite Rebels was released in 1998.
Commissioned for a Polish – Turkish joint Big-band to write three compositions, which was performed during their 1993 tour.
Istanbul Jazz Quartet was found in 1985 to perform contemporary Jazz compositions. This acoustic Quartet did performances and recording dates ‘till early ‘90s. 


SALT-Galata, Borderless trio performance 25.10.2017

 Meze ohne Grenzen vernissage duo with Suren Asatryan,Luzern (Swiss) 8.10.2017

SALT- Beyoglu, Performance with Graham Hines(NYC) cornet & electronics,Ali Perret keyboards & electronics “Yumak Gibi” part of Huseyin Alptekin’s retrospektive show. Istanbul, 2010

Berlin – Istanbul “amongs neighbors” kaka;phonia solo piano performance at Kronenboden gallery Wedding, Berlin 25.4.09

Music for Video Art; Whirling Dancers- a constructed world, Melbourne, Australia 2007 Joint projects with Australian artists; a constructed world – printed and sound work for

"deceits, mistakes, errors" Paris, 2006.
Lawrence Butch Morris’ 20th year of conduction, Black February, New York City, 2005.

Worked with artist-philosopher Huseyin Alptekin in Kriz: Viva Vaia – live solo performance as part of the installation, Istanbul, 1999.

Worked with Alptekin in an embedded project, artist in depression, Istanbul, 1998. Interdisciplinary performances with a legendary poet Can Yucel, Istanbul, Bodrum 1998.

(Couple of these performances was released as a CD-Rom – Living Turkish Poetry.) Performances with a world known actor, Tuncel Kurtiz, in a duo and + settings in Turkey, between 1997-2003. 

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