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ALI PERRET, born in Brooklyn, New York. Studied composition with

Ilhan Usmanbas and Piano with Selman Ada at Istanbul state

conservatory 1970 - 1980. Graduated from Berklee college of music in

1983 from Jazz composition, arranging and Piano, studying with Herb

Pomeroy, Michael Gibbs, Ray Santisi etc.Some of his bands and

projects of his music; "Istanbul Jazz Quartet" (1985-90, acoustic

jazz )"acid-trippin" (1995-2003, new funk, electonica jazz) "Mingus-

Trippin" (2000 ), "Free'key trio "(2004) "kako;phonia " (electro-

acoustic), "Salter Ego" - schalterego - (drum&bass club music), H-

factor (electro-acoustic jazz), Ali Perret's nonetonal

quartet(2009),Barbarians(2010),Ali Perret’s DU.DU(2015 contemporary

ethnic jazz), Perret/Demirkol/Kucukyildirim "Free house" (2018 electro-acoustic free jazz)Faschismus/Free house album(2021)

        Ali Perret prefers to write and play different styles and

concepts of music with different settings such as; contemporary

orchestral music, elektro-acoustic ensembles, contemporary Big-Band

music, contemporary electronic music, electronic clubbing music,

doing projects with artists from different disciplines  etc.  As an

artist he performed and did projects in USA, Europe, Australia and

Turkey. Some of the musicians and artists he work with; Craig

Harris, Ricky Ford, Lawrence Butch Morris, Ira Coleman, Thurman

Barker, Hans Ulrick Jensen, Carla Cook, Francis Bourec, Arto

Tuncboyaci, Erkan Ogur,Furio Di Castri,Oguz Buyukberber, a

constructed  world, Huseyin Alptekin, Can Yucel, Tuncel Kurtiz etc.

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